What is Obamacare?

Despite the way it is portrayed in the media “Obamacare” is not an insurance company or a plan.  Actually “Obamacare” is just another way to talkd about the  Affordable Care Act, specifically what happens on the Health Insurance Marketplace.  The Affordable Care Act allows some individuals and families with lower incomes to get assistance, in the form of a government subsidy, in paying their health insurance premium.  Assistance is based on the gross family income reported on your taxes and the number of family members that both need and insurance and file on the same tax return.  Only plans purchased from the marketplace are eligible for the subsidy.

Benefits of personal accident insurance

Insurance has come out to be as one of the revolutionary tools that can help protect people’s interests and can provide them aid in case of an emergency or even a death. There are many type of insurances including medical insurance, life insurance, personal accident insurance etc. Personal accident insurance is a type of insurance which compensates for the loss in case of an accident which can result in injuries, disability or even a death of a person. It is different from the life insurance in certain aspects. It can be bought for a single person as well as for the group of people belonging to a family.

Life insurance provides cover against a death and health insurance covers medical expenses. What if a person gets into an accident that causes him some sort of temporary or permanent disability? That’s where the personal accident insurance comes in the scenario. The commission of an agent selling this type of insurance may be less but he cannot be bluffing about the package. Personal accident insurance provides coves everything from small accident to a bigger one. Even a bicycle fall can be covered by the personal accident insurance. Let’s discuss the different cases in which personal accident insurance can help.

Temporary disability benefit:

What if a person, who goes to an office every day, runs into some kind of accident that renders him temporary disable? In this case, health insurance might be helpful but under some conditions. Personal accident insurance caters this type of mishap specifically and provides cover in case any person who has bought this insurance suffers from a temporary disability that causes him to rest and not work in office for some time.

Permanent disability benefit:

If a person runs into some kind of mishap and suffers from a permanent disability then personal accident insurance can cover it up too. Permanent disability may be defined as a disability that remains with the person for his lifetime and there are no chances of him recovering from it. Although insurance companies regard permanent disability specifically as the loss of any of two eyes, hands or legs. All such permanent disabilities that prevents a person from doing his job, for which he has been trained for, can be covered with the help of personal accident insurance.

Accidental death benefit:

In case of a death of a person, who had personal accident insurance in his life, the designated nominees can get a huge amount of money to cover the losses because of the death of their loved one. This can be of a great help to a family where the sole earner of bread is a man or a woman and the rest of the family depends on his or her earnings to make a living.

Hospital expenses:

Medical expenses are taking a toll these days. If a person gets into an accident, there are two main causes for his mental distress. One being the injury and the other being the medical expenses. Personal accident insurance also takes care of the hospital expenses in case of an accident hence allowing the affected to get best treatment, whatsoever.

Human life is precious and it demands protection. Let the professionals take care of this protection while you sit back and enjoy your life as it goes on. Personal accident insurance is one way of professionals to deal with mishaps in the best possible manner.